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Miss .Tara Kaff is our Dietitian for Milsons Point Medical Centre

Miss. Tara Kaff

Ground Floor

For Appointments:


Tara is a Sydney based Accredited Practising Dietitian and sports nutritionist that specialises in sports performance-based nutrition and works closely with individuals and groups to optimise their nutritional health.

Tara’s interest in sports nutrition stemmed from her experience playing high level soccer from a young age and now being heavily involved in competitive CrossFit. This experience ignited her passion for sports, performance-based nutrition as she understood the important role nutrition plays when determining performance of an athlete and achieving their individual goals.

Tara is also passionate about adolescent and childhood nutrition.

In her spare time, Tara enjoys being in the kitchen creating healthy recipes, writing nutrition blogs and café hoping.

Feel free to call and book with Tara for your nutritional advice.

To make a booking with Tara, please call reception on 02 9023 9999 or click here.

Corona Virus:

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