Getting vaccinated before you travel overseas is very important. While Australia has controlled many infectious diseases this may not be the case in the country you are travelling to.

While many infectious diseases have been controlled in Australia due to widespread vaccination and other public health measures, this is not the case in many overseas countries.

Babies, children, pregnant women are especially at risk when overseas.

There may be vaccinations you need that are not covered in this list. Visit this website https://www.travelvax.com.au/holiday-traveller/vaccination-requirements to see what you might need. Call us on  02 9023 9999 to book an appointment with one of our doctors in North Sydney.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patient Alert:

If you have a fever, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath
Had contact with someone diagnosed with or suspected of having Coronavirus
Have travelled internationally or domestically in the last 14 days:

Please phone ahead and advise our reception staff before attending our clinic. Thank you.