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Milsons Point Medical Centre

Milsons Point Medical Centre is a leading provider of healthcare services, located in the heart of Milsons Point. A modern practice with a dedicated team of top-notch professional male and female Doctors providing a wide range of services to the Milsons Point, Kirribilli, McMahons Point, North Sydney, Lavender Bay,Wynyard, Crows Nest, Waverton, Wollstonecraft, Neutral Bay, and Mosman communities.

In Addition, we have an expert team of allied health at the medical centre provding a wide range of services including Psychology, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Dietetics and Podiatry. 

Our mission at Milsons Point Medical Centre is to provide a professional and honest approach to health care. Our focus is on providing a friendly and comfortable service to anyone, at any age, from the time walking  through our door.  We take pride in the fact that “We Are Commited to Your Health”. 

 We Are an APGAL Accredited Practice

General practice accreditation is an assessment process that ensures a general practice meets a high standard of safety and quality. As a result, accreditation provides the best environment for patient’s healthcare outcomes.

Achieving general practice accreditation is an accomplishment the entire practice team, their patients and local community should be extremely proud of.

Obtaining general practice accreditation with AGPAL provides acknowledgment that a general practice has reached a high standard of safety and quality in their practice, while demonstrating a commitment to sustainable and effective quality improvement processes and initiatives.


So, what does this mean for you?

Accreditation is primarily targeted at protecting patients to ensure they receive the highest care possible for themselves and their families.

This means:

  • Protection of patient privacy
  • Clinical team members always maintain appropriate patient health records
  • Practice team members undergo ongoing education and training to stay informed about current quality health care
  • Patients are provided with a safe environment
  • Staff are understanding and responsive to cultural needs, and
  • The general practitioner and the practice always ensure effective communication so patients always know and understand everything related to their health.

AGPAL accreditation puts the well-being of all Australian community members as a priority.

By attending an AGPAL accredited general practice, patients are assured of quality and safe care in line with national standards.


We want to be a practice that delivers team-based healing relationships that wrap around the healthcare needs of our patients and their families. We want to make sure the care we provide is effective, evidence based, safe, and focused on prevention. Our focus is to provide lifetime care to the individual and their family as well as our entire patient population. We want to become your medical home.


We at Milsons Point Medical Centre believe that our patient is the centre of our health care model. We use high quality and high value care that helps our patients achieve their goals for health, well being and ultimately improve their quality of life. Our team have built a happy, cohesive and supportive environment that embraces the lifetime health needs of our entire practice population.


Honesty – We wish to treat each other and our patients in a truthful and sincere way

Loyalty – Our staff have an allegiance to each other, to our work in the practice, to our goals and towards our patients

Compassion – We wish to show concern for each other and empathy for our patients

Growth – To continue to educate, learn, improve and challenge ourselves

Quality – To embrace continuous quality improvement, General Practice Accreditation and to aim for excellence in our practice

Professionalism- – we act and treat our patients with respect, maintain their confidence, and always act with the integrity.

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