Driving Medical

Transport for NSW needs to ensure that all drivers are medically fit and competent to drive. If you’re an older driver, or you have a medical condition, you may be asked to have regular medical tests. Some heavy vehicle drivers also need regular medical tests.

Age-based medical reviews

When you reach 75 years of age, you’ll need to have a medical review every year to keep your licence.Transport for NSW will send you a form around eight weeks before your birthday, for your doctor to complete. See Older drivers for more information.

A medical review is required every year, even if you have a three or five year licence.

Medical reviews for heavy vehicle drivers

If you hold a class MC licence (road train or B-double multi-combination), you need to have a medical review more regularly:

  • At age 21, and then every 10 years
  • At age 40, and then every five years
  • At age 60, and then every two years
  • At age 70, and then every year.

Injuries, illness and medical conditions

You’re required by law to inform Transport for NSW of any long term injury, illness or medical condition which may affect your ability to drive safely. If you’re involved in a crash and it’s found that your health condition was a contributing factor, you may be prosecuted and your insurance may not be valid.

Conditions which affect safe driving

Various medical conditions can affect your ability to drive safely, for example:

  • Blackouts, fainting or other sudden periods of unconsciousness
  • Vision problems
  • Heart disease or stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Sleep disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Neurological disorders
  • Age-related decline.

Usually, this doesn’t mean that you can’t drive at all, but you may need to provide a satisfactory medical report before you can apply for, or renew your licence. In some cases you may also be required to pass a driving test.

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