Podiatry Services in Milsons Point

Milson Point Medical Centre works with Solace Health Care to provide high-class podiatry services. Our podiatrist Joon Kwon is dedicated in creating and actioning tailored treatment plans for each individuals specific podiatry needs.

The services that are provided include: 

  • General Podiatry for all ages
  • Skin conditions : Corn, Callus, Wart & Athlete’s foot
  • Nail conditions : Infection, Ingrown, Traumatic, Thickened & Elongated nails
  • Heel, Arch pain and Musculoskeletal issues in feet and legs
  • Sports and Industrial related injuries
  • Biomechanical Management and Postural Analysis
  • Customised Foot Orthoses 
  • Diabetes and Neuro-Vascular conditions assessment and management
  • Surgery : Ingrown nails and Warts removal
  • Paediatric foot assessment : Growing pains, Flat feet, Knocked knee, etc
  • Myofascial trigger point therapy

Evidence Based

Hands-on Treatments

Opening Hours

Mon   8am - 6pm

Tue   8am - 6pm

Wed   8am - 6pm

Thu   8am - 6pm

Fri   8am - 6pm

Sat   9am - 2pm

Sun   9am - 1pm